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Scattered across endless lands and open oceans, timezones are problematic.

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FIO, or Figure it Out as some would call it, is a chrome extension that tells you the current time in a set number of locations of your choosing.

To find out what the latest release includes, and what the product road map is, click here.


Understanding how people communicate and work across time zones is a problem many people are trying to tackle, however almost all of them have overlooked the basic notion that in order to work across different locations one should be knowledgable of, at the very least, time differences and cultural nuances.

I would like to explore possible solutions but for now it all depends on how FIO is recieved. I'm hoping to have an Android and iOS app ready in the next couple months and I am exploring increased functionality to have them evolve further.


Designed by Fritz who conceptualized the idea with Marc, and which was built by the talented guys at SliceArt.

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